Sweden´s most complete water park

Welcome to Paradiset

Fun attractions and a cosy 1,200 m2 SPA. Paradiset is one of Sweden’s best waterpark experiences. A paradise for those who want to have fun, exercise or just enjoy the moment.


The country’s longest water slide “Magic Eye” awaits the young, and those who are still young at heart, along with many other attractions.


Younger visitors can enjoy their own tropical island and those who want to relax can visit our SPA.

Paradiset is located in the heart of Örnsköldsvik, with the Paradiset parking garage only a stone’s throw away. How to find us:

Find us here Länk till annan webbplats.


Of course we serve food and drinks at the water park and our SPA.


Get ready for an adventure for the whole family!


Magic Eye

Take a loooong ride down Sweden’s longest water slide. Magic eye features 180 metres of twists and turns, and is popular with guests of all ages. You can ride by yourself or with a friend, with or without a boat. Whatever you choose, we promise a long ride full of eeeee’s and aaahhs.



Come and relax in our gently-heated warm room, which is warmed using radiant heat. Tepidaria were used widely in ancient Rome, and feature heated lounge chairs or thermal sofas, where guests can sit or recline. The purpose of the sauna is to slowly raise the body’s core temperature.


Water training sessions

Join us for water training sessions set to popular music that will really get you in the work-out mood! Using the water to provide resistance, you can adapt the exercises to suit you, making the sessions perfect for experienced pros and beginners alike.



. If you don’t already love Aufguss, you soon will do. During your session, the Aufguss attendant will pour fragrant essential oils and water over hot stones. The heat will then spread through the sauna, creating beautiful effects from calming to invigoration, depending on your selected session type. One Aufguss session lasts approximately 10 minutes, and we recommend 2–3 sessions per visit.


Wild rapids

One of our most popular attractions! The wild rapids wind their way through our mountain landscape, giving you a real rush. Bonus: our staff can adjust the speed, allowing visitors of all ages (with parental supervision for our younger guests) to try out the rapids.


Salt cave

Experience total weightlessness in a cosy environment where you can feel the stress simply melt away. In our salt cave you will float lightly on the surface of the water – perfect for a moment of meditation in real peace and quiet.


Exercise swimming

In our large pool you can do some exercise swimming at your own pace. We also offer swim training sessions for adults at a range of different difficulty levels.


Pack those bathing clothes and hurry here! The Magic Eye, wild rapids, hot tubs, massage stations and much more awaits you. There is of course plenty of room for those who would like to swim for exercise or work out as well. Our tropical landscape is a paradise for all visitors!

We use padlocks, which may be purchased at the reception. For our youngest visitors, there are also bathing diapers available, which must be worn at all times.


We wish you a warm welcome to a moment free of stress and away from the hustle and bustle. In a dimly lit environment, we offer Aufgus sessions with themes from near and far, experience showers, the largest wooden sauna in Sweden, hot tub, resting room, green room, salt cave, meditation, and a host of other tranquil activities.

- We recommend that you bring an extra towel and bathrobe when you visit, or they may be purchased in the shop.


With high competence and great commitment, we can offer most forms of training, health and well-being. We can help you get into shape through bathing, exercise swimming and water gymnastics, of course, and we also have 1,250 square metres of training premises, courtesy of 1Life. Link to 1life.se Länk till annan webbplats.

Hot tip: combine strength training and exercise swimming with relaxing at the SPA.


To ensure that your visit goes as safely and smoothly as possible, we’d like to let you know about our rules here at Paradiset.


Paradiset SPA aims to be an oasis amidst the hustle and bustle of everyday life. For this reason, we feel it is important that all our guests remember to behave in a calm and relaxed manner, keeping noise levels down.


Please do not bring cameras, video cameras or mobile phones in with you – this is to ensure our guests’ privacy. We also aim to offer a peaceful atmosphere, free of phone calls and ringing phones – nice, don’t you think?

- PADLOCKS. Bring along your own padlock or buy one here if you'd like to lock your clothes in a locker.

- SWIMWEAR. Please wear swimwear in the water; underwear should be left in the lockers.

- SWIM NAPPIES. Children who use nappies must wear swim nappies, which can also be purchased from reception if you've forgotten to bring your own.

- ARMBANDS. Armbands can be purchased from reception for those who cannot swim. These cost SEK 40. The armbands are not a sufficient substitute for adult supervision.

- SHOWER BEFORE SWIMMING. Prior to entering the water, please take a shower without swimwear, as this helps us ensure our water is cleaner and allows us to use less chlorine, therefore reducing our environmental impact. Win-win.

- CHILDREN UNDER SUPERVISION. You remain responsible for your children. Do not leave them unattended at any point. In order to be able to bathe alone, they must be at least 12 years old and able to swim 200 m. Those under 18 who cannot swim may not enter the pools without an accompanying adult who is also bathing.

- RULES. Please read through our rules to make sure you and those around you have the best possible visit.

Kartvy som visar vara badhuset ligger.